Build real-life urban environments using ActorCore, iClone & Omniverse admin October 24, 2022

Build real-life urban environments using ActorCore, iClone & Omniverse

Recently our CEO and Co-founder, Pekka Varis was featured in an article by Reallusion Magazine with his tutorials on how to generate a live pedestrian environment using ActorCore, iClone and Nvidia Omniverse. 


You can watch the full tutorial below.


here is a huge opportunity here for urban planners and architects who need to develop and present their projects to their customers. With Omniverse realtime collaboration, creators can make changes on the fly and adapt to customer’s feedback. 

Here are some benefits of working with Cineshare and Omniverse:

  • It is simple to use, fast to deploy and cost-effective.

  • enables highly immersive and interactive visual storytelling experiences.

  • You can edit anywhere in real-time and in real-life quality.

  • You can enrich vr/ar/xr/digital twin models with real-life quality visuals.

  • You can co-create storytelling-driven visual content as well as other virtual experiences directly with all relevant stakeholders

Our expertise in 3D design and technology has many applications. With CineShare and Nvidia Omniverse it is easy to create real-life urban environments to bring to life housing developments, neighborhoods, urban mobility, or any other architectural design. 

The magic of Omniverse is you can create accurate simulations or highly detailed avatars presenting and acting your message, showing you CAD models in the cityscape for example.  

Are you currently exploring Nvidia Omniverse and need an expert to guide you through? Contact us to learn more about how Cineshare can help your business design and tell amazing stories.

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