Cineshare in Nvidia CES keynote admin January 20, 2023

Cineshare in Nvidia CES keynote

Even though the CES (Consumer Electronic Show) has ended for some time now, it feels like it happened only yesterday. 

As one of  the most influential tech events in the world — the CES brings together innovators, creators, developers and business leaders from over 170 countries. 

In their 2023 CES special address, Nvidia showcased a bunch of new innovations in areas like gaming and creating, automotive, 3D design and simulation and in robotics. 

At Cineshare we focus on designing stunning 3D environments and experiences for our demanding and forward thinking clients. Nvidia Omniverse sits at the center of our creations, seamlesly connecting different applications and visual assets that all come together to create the 3D experience our customers want. 

We couldn’t be more thrilled, that Nvidia included our CEO, Pekka Varis in this year’s CES keynote. Pekka was part of a few creators invited to a digital 3D jam session to showcase how the Omniverse real-time collaboration and integration with 3rd party applications works.

Check out the full Nvidia CES keynote and see how Ominverse real-time collaboration works and what a 3D design jam session (starting at 21:13) looks like. 

Curious to explore what Cineshare and Nvidia Omiverse can do for your business? Don’t be shy, contact us today.

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