Storytelling and cinematics with Omninverse Machinima admin November 30, 2022

Storytelling and cinematics with Omninverse Machinima

In our latest efforts to showcase Cineshare and Nvidia Omniverse capabilities we used to create the “Making the Sally” video. There are two parts to this video tutorial and each tells a different story and shows the tools and software we used to create the character, animations, lights, camera movements and so much more.

These video tutorials were made by our own CEO and Nvidia Omniverse ambassador, Pekka Varis. Have a look at these tutorials and see how it all came together.

In the first tutorial we showcase how we made Sally using iClone8 and Character Creator to create skin, hair, movements and voice over.


In the second tutorial we explore Omniverse animation, lightning and camera movements. Furthermore, we show how to use dynamic simulations in Omiverse to animate the lantern that Sally is graciously swinging through the scenes.


If you found these tutorials interesting and want to learn more about the potential that Cinshare and Omniverse has to offer for your business, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Drop us a message using our contact form.