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CineShare is a product visualization tool
based on the Nvidia Omniverse platform.
With it, teams can do collaborative design in the Cloud. In real time.

1. Product visualization

Cineshare main focus is to create 3D experiences for common people without expensive computers. Beautiful Virtual Headquarters, Product visualization experiences with a customized brand look & feel.

All this without a deep understanding of 3D softwares.

2. Cinematic movies

From the designs made in Omniverse, Cineshare can render beautiful Cinematic quality renders with accurate simulations, like fire etc.
This premium production is done with traditional ad agencies and freelancers, but with the one year Cineshare is able to develop tools for easy control of cameras to create advertisement quality clips easily. Rendering is done in the cloud, also editing if needed.

This trinity is the core invention of Cineshare.

Our Value Proposition is built on this ease of use
+ deep level of control.

Pilot Projects

We have now 3 pilot projects running. Contact us more for details!


What is Cineshare?

It´s a new kind of collobrative video presentation tool. Cinematic Real time 3d graphics that everyone can use on cloud computing. With Cineshre users can easily create product vizualisation and video storytelling.


Create and share 3D experiences online. 

Everyone with a product or CAD model can easily create an immersive experience. Customize your environment and atmosphere to make the experience unique.
With our Cineshare tool you can make custom videos of your product, change camera movements, scenery and add live video feeds of real actors or avatars on the fly.
To make your presentation events and videos unique in a simple and entertaining way.

Current problem

Video storytelling is slow, expensive, and not scalable.
Limited to only a few professional agencies.

Currently, there are no simple and high-quality tools that enable creators to deliver in a cost and time-effective manner a rich 3D experience. Design, building, and style 3D environments on the fly is something that current tools cannot achieve.

We want to empower B2B companies to take the creative aspect of their business in-house by using out-of-the-box tools and templates designed by CineShare. With CineShare businesses can design, build, and style 3D environments needed in their marketing and branding material much faster and cost-effective without any outside help.

CineShare solution

CineShare will target B2B companies who have revenue of at least 1 million euros and more specifically, companies that work with CAD design files (engineering companies, Architects, city planners, etc.). 

At the same time, we want to enable graphic creators to make real-time changes to designs and proposal visualizations for their clients. (Business cases: Architects and designers who must present their work and make small changes on the fly to get the right design for their client).

CineShare is builded on Nvidia Omniverse.


Benefits to users

  • CineShare, users can have real-time experiences of brand and product stories. 
  • Users can interact in real-time with the Cineshare creation, its characters, and objects. 
  • Possibility of recording in real-time of your CineShare experience and creating a video of all your interactivity. 
  • Templates for different stories – tools for stories 

Simplifying video storytelling production and consumption.

  • Simple, fast, cost-effective.
  • ABCD testing on the fly
  • Co-creating the video and story directly with the client 
  • No cameras, no actors, no setup …. everything happens online in real-time 
  • The predefined artist-created templates, that everybody can use.
  • New revenue streams for artists to build and sell their templates and visual worlds through Cineshare
  • A tool for building and delivering content in the metaverse on the fly.
All the video frames directly tailored for enterprises are also backwards compatible with this structure. This means they can be radically modified by returning to the fountainhead. This combination is a perfect environment for productizing Pekka Varis’ profound experience of presentation videos. Backwards engineering.

No endless amounts of variables are needed, the secret lies in reducing their best narrative models and ubique usable video aestethics of the current climate. The client is always right – moreover, he is credible in the video when he is provided with high-quality and intertwined blocks.

What makes this especially fine?

The future belongs to the video

The future communication will be more an more video-based. There are several easy-to-use on-line editors, and they are thriving. This is why it is worthwhile to create something new and special. Our latest discovery with Nvidia realtime graphics is just amazing and 100% Wow -factor among business users. 

Superior user experience

It is possible to place text a user’s own picture and video material inside animated 3D objects in an imposing way. A Cineshare team has already developed a technical solution for this. Animated icons can be joined in limitlessly. Texts written by a seller are gliding on a video picture tickling one’s imagination.

There are few who have enough time to create high-quality content

Pictures placed in one after the other by users and texts even from the leading on-line editors of the business area are simply not enough for better than a flash of some few pictures. After that the level of narration begins to tread water and repeat itself the whole structure of video narration has bad flaws.

Open source – a limitless video library

The Open source BB-CY licence allows the use of tens of thousands high-quality FullHD videopictures as a part of Cineshare material bank – for free. It’s enough that the author’s name zips in the end credits. Together with an enterprise’s own video bank it’s possible to create a comprehensive and credible material bank.

Publishing platform and meeting platform

At the same time Cineshare is a publishing platform which is ultimately finished for producing professional presentation and marketing videos, also as teamwork. It’s a bridge across which adverticing agencies can approach their own clients, offering unforeseen chances for communication and advertising.

”Super Power Point”

Cineshare is the newborn Power Point. At the same time the problem of sales organizations concerning the congruence and topicality of material is solved when a video library can be fluently updated to all sellers.

History & team

Cineshare came into being when Pekka Varis presented his idea of a on-line video editor to Tekes (new name Business Finland, providing funding services) and got the “Innovaatioseteli” (innovation banknote, granted funding, applied for). With this funding SEOS Design, and the internationally awarded designer Pekka Kumpula promoted the idea. The idea of a video publishing platform directly tailored for big enterprices. 

Cineshare has been developed already for 4 years. We have got 15000 euros from business Finland ELY. At The beginning we were aiming to create fast online video editor for business users. The are many successful competitors around the world but none of them offers quality video templates for business presentation videos. As our strategy and team evolved, we realized that only through realtime 3D presentation tool we could bring something revolutionary for the market.

Our team
Creative force of Cineshare is Pekka Varis, a professional cinematographic and motion graphic artist. He has been working with videos over 20 years professionally. Tommi Hänninen is Pekkas best business partner for 20 years. Chris Scott is our 3D superhero from United States. Konstantin is Business strategist, CEO at Vidalico and Elja-Ilari Suhonen is a salesman specialised in 3D. We also have a solid and experienced investor team ready to jump to action.

Pekka Varis

Tommi Hänninen

Constantin Buda

Elja-Ilari Suhonen

Chris Scott

Craig Prince

Tuomas Pohjola

Juha Vilppula