Realtime crowd simulation made easy admin January 24, 2024

Realtime crowd simulation made easy

Realtime Animation Made Easy with ActorCore and iClone Omniverse Live Sync

Are you ready to embark on a journey into the world of real-time animation and cinematic magic? Join us as we explore the seamless integration of ActorCore and iClone with NVIDIA Omniverse Live Sync, unlocking a whole new realm of possibilities for 3D animators and design teams.


Meet Pekka Varis, the visionary founder of Cineshare and a distinguished NVIDIA Omniverse Ambassador. In this tutorial, he shares his expertise in utilizing Reallusion’s iClone, Character Creator, and ActorCore within NVIDIA Omniverse Composer. Pekka’s focus lies in crafting real-time animations and delivering top-notch rendering for various projects.

iClone Omniverse Live Sync: A Game-Changer

At the heart of this revolutionary process is the iClone Omniverse Live Sync, a feature embedded in the full 3D animation system integrated into NVIDIA Omniverse™. This Live Sync feature brings unprecedented productivity, offering real-time animation previews and a seamless two-way workflow. It empowers individuals and design teams to effortlessly create, animate, and deploy 3D characters for digital twins and business simulations, fostering seamless collaboration within the Omniverse platform.

“The benefits of Live Sync are huge! As you can see, I get instant feedback inside Composer with high frame rates. I have no limits in my creations, building larger than life stories inside city streets – such an easy task with ActorCore stock assets.”

– Pekka Varis, Founder and CEO, Cineshare

ActorCore + iClone for Realistic Crowd Animation

Dive into the ActorCore 3D asset store, exploring the vast library of characters tailored to specific styles. The ability to swiftly download characters and effortlessly apply movements makes creating bustling crowds a rapid process.”


Camera Animation and Rendering inside Omniverse:

“With Omniverse Composer as the canvas, readers are guided through the process of animating cameras and integrating various free props from NVIDIA’s extensive asset store. Utilizing the latest RTX real-time rendering engine, along with the new DLLS 3.5 and Composer’s exceptional camera tools, successfully concludes projects, achieving stunning and beautiful results.”


Leveraging iClone Live Sync for Omniverse significantly enhances the efficiency and productivity of deploying digital humans in virtual productions. The robust, rapid, and intuitive nature of this method allows creators to craft expansive outdoor renders and advanced character animations tailored for simulation purposes.

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